This is the profile of The Giffard Arms Sponsored dog -Schnoz.

magooMr Magoo's Profile

Breed: Lurcher
Gender: Male

Age:  9 years

Date of Birth:  20th April 2001
Star Sign:  Aries

Height:  34"
Weight:  65lbs
Distinguishing Features: My super long legs!

"Hi, I'm Mister Magoo, a lightning-fast lurcher!
I'm quite a sociable dog so I get along great with the other dogs.
It's fantastic fun exploring the centre - my doggy friends and
I just love tearing around as fast as we can go! I don't mind
slowing down for my two-legged buddies though;
especially if they're carrying chew sticks for me"!

"A lot of the other dogs like to slow down the pace and have
a bit of a play with toys, but when I'm finished running I'm much
more of a snack fan.

But don't get me wrong - I don't mind playing hard to earn my treats"! 

Love & Paws
Gooy Magoo

We sponsor Schnoz every month to keep him happy and healthy, and help The Dogs Trust with running costs. Schnoz has other sponsors too, so it all goes towards his upkeep. He is based at Roden Kennels in Telford, so you are welcome to visit him, but give them a ring first on 01952 770225 and mention The Giffard Arms.

Their address is:
Roden Lane Farm.
Roden Lane.

Please take treats, toys etc!!!

He's a lovely old boy and has lived at Roden for most of his life, he will never be rehomed.
The Dogs Trust do a wonderful job so we just thought it would be good to sponsor a lovely dog like Schnoz.

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